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You’re my sister, you’re my family, you’re all I’ve got.






okay why has nobody been talking about when delphine says “you’re going to get yourself killed” because if you think about it that line is TERRIFYING. not “you’re going to get in trouble” “you’re going to get a slap on the wrist” it’s “you’re going to get yourself killed.” sarah is one of their precious experiments so i had kind of assumed that this meant they would be really hesitant to hurt her but……..

idk about all of you but i think we’ve been underestimating the dyad.

I’ve read the comments on this and I agree with all of them. This is the scary part that Delphine has been pressing from the very beginning. She’s fought for Cosima’s safety above anything. She would not give up any information until she had Leekie’s word. Promise me Cosima’s safe. She knows. I think as previously just a scientist, she’s had a look from the outside in, of what happens to everyone. I think she’s seen people make mistakes and get killed (see Olivier). She knows the stakes and they’re high and that is why I trust one billion percent in Delphine’s loyalties. Because it isn’t just the subjects that are in danger of being tossed away for so much as one wrong move. It’s everyone. If she is suspected of anything there’s a high probability that she’ll be killed in an instant. Being enamored with Cosima is one thing, something that the DYAD might or might not have wanted or something they’re not concerned with at all. I just genuinely think that she is risking her life simply by going back to Cosima every night. She is caught in this now, though. She’s tangled up with Leekie and Cosima both professionally and intimately and I genuinely feel like if she were to sidestep one wrong way, refuse an offer or an advance and she’d be dead.

Paul doesn’t seem to know the stakes. Up to this point, the blackmail they have on him has been enough to keep him under control. And it’s only until recently that they have had to start pressing beyond that and more onto the lethal means they’ll be willing to take if he steps outside of his rights. (as Daniel mentions very obviously in I’ll put a bullet in you). He’s only just beginning to experience it but I think Delphine has lived it.

From what we know thus far, Delphine does not seem to have that kind of pressure on her; no blackmail or anything like that. So she isn’t exactly tied to it, beyond the whole banging Leekie business, but the fact that she says I’m invested now is absolutely terrifying because you shouldn’t make promises to people like that and she did. She put herself on the line, her life as a promise to the DYAD in a sense. She’s invested. She’s sticking with them. She’s going to do this research for them. She is theirs officially and that is the biggest sacrifice I think she could’ve made and not only that, it’s the bravest and I dunno. I don’t know if I’m reading into this wrong but I just…I trust her. Cosima might not agree with her methods or her choices, but Delphine is invested. She is absolutely one hundred percent invested in saving Cosima even if it means selling her soul and that is a wonderful thing. It is messy and complicated and very painful but let me tell you it is a wonderful thing.




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Delphine “I’m so happy my ‘Cosima’ is here” Cormier


While I’m already posting pics, here’s the official OB logo (not fan made) for all your giffing and editing needs. (click for larger)


While I’m already posting pics, here’s the official OB logo (not fan made) for all your giffing and editing needs. (click for larger)


honestly i try not to judge people before i get to know them but if you hate sansa stark it’s a whole other ball game

has this been done yet? because it needed to be done.